Equity Release

Equity release is a way to unlock the value of your property and turn it into a lump sum of cash. By taking out an equity release policy, you release the cash tied up in your home. This can be done if you’re aged 55 or over. You can do this whether you’ve already paid off your mortgage or not.

As a rule, you can can take the amount in several small amounts, in one lump sum, or a combination of both, whichever suits your needs the best.

At look 4 mortgages we will help you get the best out of equity release. Our specialist providers will make sure all things are considered. You’ll still receive the same standard of tailored advice and support, so you don’t need to put your financial planning on hold.

And when it comes to discussing your options, our advisors will always suggest having other family members present when discussing equity release to help you understand and so they also understand what it means.

A 'No-Pressure' Service

However you access our services, your advisor will give you all the information you need about equity release for you to make an informed decision in your own time. If equity release isn’t right for you, they’ll tell you.

You and Your Family First

We’re here to answer all your questions on equity release and whether it could help you fund the things you need.

Looking At Your Options

Your adviser will ensure you consider other options such as downsizing or alternative forms of borrowing.

Find Out More For Free

All of our equity release advice relating to our range of Key-branded products is completely free-of-charge, so you can find out if it’s right for you without costing you a penny.