A mortgage is most likely to be the biggest financial commitment you will make. Our job as your advisor is to plan for your long-term financial security. In doing so, we consider those events which present a risk to your ability to repay your mortgage.

Our advice service covers people of all backgrounds and circumstances. Self-employed, credit issues, relationship breakdowns, first-time buyers, home movers, different working groups and ages, and so much more.

With our access to mortgages from a wide range of well known providers, you can be rest assured that the advice you get from us will be made on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the mortgage market.


First Time Buyers

Our service provides advice based on your individual circumstances we advise on every aspect of the process from the first meeting where we gather your data and discuss your needs, agree a budget for your mortgage & protection portfolio, based on need and risks, organically built up from our questions. Considering both the mortgage required to purchase your dream home, and what type of mortgage that will be, the duration, using our extensive knowledge of the market and our proposition of over 90 lenders and top insurers to ensure you stay in your home should you experience an unforeseen change in your situation.

To the second appointment where you will be talked through the actual costs, products, benefits and any value-added benefits. We will use our systems to instruct the right solicitors for the job, which will give us the position to keep you informed from the start of the process right up to you putting your key in the door of your new home and beyond, as we schedule your next review to find your next great deal. We will also act as a resource giving you loads of help and advice and lending you our knowledge to help you make the right informed choices. We are always here for you.

Home Movers

Whether your selling and moving to a new property or letting your existing property and moving to a new property, your first port of call is us. We can help you with using the same solicitors from our panel to ensure a smooth transition and constant communication. We will advise on the best key mortgage product from over 90 lenders and the right insurance requirement from our panel of top insurers. Following the process right through from start to finish. Advising and coaching you the entire way.

Right To Buy

Have you lived in your home for a minimum of three years and are renting from an approved social landlord, if the answer is yes, then you have the right to buy. The application you make yourself first is simple but the essential thing is to get approval in principle. The amount of discount the social landlord gives you is what we will use as the deposit and your income and circumstances will be what we use to secure the mortgage & protection package in the same way we would any other type of client. Make sure you have obtained your approval in principle before contacting us. It will take around 8 weeks typically to obtain this.

Concessionary Purchases

Also know as ‘Sale under Value’, this is when a family member is selling you a property for less than the market value ideally the discount would be a minimum of 10% of the full market value and we would use that discount as the deposit. We would work with you in the same way as a first-time buyer and also help with the additional underwriter requirements to ensure a smooth purchase.

Landlord Concessionary Purchase

It is also possible to be in a position as a tenant where the landlord offers to sell you the property. Again, it would be a sale under value of minimum of 10% and it would be a private landlord offering this to the sitting tenant who has rented for at least 12 months. We will help secure the lending using that gifted equity as the deposit.

Gifted Deposits

Cash gifts can be given which can help towards the deposit. Family members, friends and even new build developers. So, we need to make sure this is accepted by the lender our processes and sourcing helps you make the most of all the sources of your deposit.

Credit Impaired Mortages

We help people who have had credit issues in the past to get a mortgage.
We use our knowledge of the market to look at what is needed to get a mortgage.
We look at what the lowest deposit required is and obtain a decision in principle based on your true circumstances.
The rate will always be the lowest rate for your financial circumstances
This is how we have managed to assist others in the past.

We can help you if you have had;
CCJs/IVA – County Court Judgements. Both satisfied and unsatisfied
DMPs – Debt Management Plans, both settled and currently running one
Defaults – Both satisfied and unsatisfied
Missed payments – On both unsecured and secured credit commitments

Buy To Let Mortgages

The is where the purchase is to be used as a buy to let. Consumer buy to lets are covered under Financial Conduct Authority guidelines are products that benefit from full mortgage advice. The client type is usually someone with limited experience of buy to lets who wishes to start or add to a property portfolio. To begin the process a call to your mortgage broker to discuss your plans and a property you feel you wish to invest in is very wise. Buy to Lets need at least a 20% deposit and in most cases, 25% deposit is advised for the best product.