We have a quick and efficient service when dealing with our re-mortgage clients and make sure that we keep costs down. We will get the best deal we can get from our 90 lenders and group of insurers where needed. We assess your needs, do the applications, give the advice, even check the property value to make sure we give the lender the best estimation to make sure we get the right product. We get clients coming to us for the best rates, as part of a huge network we often get exclusive rates which mean lower mortgage payments. Just another reason why clients use us.

We will help you raise funds as part of a re-mortgage for a variety of other reasons.

Home Improvements

Borrowing more is just a matter of making sure we cover all costs associated with paying off the existing lender and adding more to what is needed for the home improvements. We shall make sure we cover off the costs and the borrowing and work with you to get it right. We will always look to get you the right deal and make your home improvement dreams come true.

Holiday / Second Homes

It is not unusual to raise money to purchase a second home especially if you work away a lot or a holiday home. Like with all our mortgage we assess the costs involved and help throughout the process not just at the start.

Debt Consolidation

Always make sure you carefully consider securing previously unsecured debts on your home, we shall not consider debts of less than £500 or any debts with 6 months or less to run.

Business Purposes

We could also look at a commercial loan for any purpose and we use a specialist company to source the best deal. You may also be interested in our Commercial Loans service.

Transfer of Equity

Transfer of equity takes place when you wish to either add or remove someone off an existing mortgage. We provide advice and guidance to provide a smooth transition.