Recommend A Friend Referral

Get £100 As A Thank You

Send us the details of the person you wish to refer and your details as the person making the referral. You can refer yourself, if you have not had a mortgage with us before, or if you have not arranged a secured loan through us before.

When is the £100 referral payment made to me?

Once we have made contact, the case must proceed for the referral fee to be paid to you.

● For a mortgage, this is on advice
(timescale for this varies depending on when they have found the property, but can take up to 2 months)
● For a remortgage of an existing property, the referral fee is typically paid to you within 2 weeks.
● For a secured loan, the referral fee is paid on completion, which is typically 1 month.

How is this paid?

We will call you and after some brief security checks, we will ask you how you would like to be paid for the referral.

● £100 Love2Shop vouchers which will be posted to your home address. Love2Shop vouchers can be spent in selected retail outlets and carry no cash in value, so must be spent on goods and services.


● £100 transferred to a bank account of your choice.

Terms and Conditions of the Referral Scheme

The following terms and conditions apply to the referral scheme

● The £100 is payable for each referral due at the point advice is given and broker fee is taken, or at the point the secured loan completes and not before.
● The person being referred MUST know that they have been referred to us and be expecting our call.
● If you choose to be paid by vouchers and those vouchers expire we will not replace them.
● If you choose to have the £100 paid into a bank account but specify the wrong account, you must notify us immediately so we can recall the payment and reissue it to the correct bank account.
● The person being referred cannot in any way be forced to enter into a contract or loan.
● All personal information which is given to us is covered under our privacy policy and we are registered with ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

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