Secured Loans

We offer Secured Loans to clients who want additional borrowing using the equity that they have in their home. We do this by searching the market to find you the best lender.

Secured Loans are done via referral to a third party.

Some of the reasons why people may wish to take out a loan secured against their property...

● To consolidate existing loans and credit cards.
● To buy a big-ticket item such as a car, caravan, dream holiday, cash gift to family.
● Home improvements, such as extensions, new kitchen, new bathroom, loft conversion to name a few of the common ones.
● Landscape projects such as a garden redesign.
● They have been turned down by the existing mortgage lender for additional borrowing
● They have poor credit which is not an issue with secured lending but was an issue with the existing lender.

If you would like to enquire about securing a loan against your property, fill out the form below.

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