David Wilkinson

Founder and Principle of Look 4 Mortgages

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David has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry, almost nearly all of it in mortgages, and with 3 years of it in insurance.

David’s interests include cooking, course fishing, cars, animals especially dogs, and reading.

David founded Look 4 Mortgages in August 2018. David’s vision is to be the best mortgage and protection provider in the business. He chose PRIMIS to be Look 4 Mortgages’ network because of their size and ability to offer a massive selection of exclusive deals. PRIMIS work with over 90 lenders and an excellent range of insurers. Together with Look 4 Mortgages’ huge conveyancing panel and its back-office conveyancing systems, Look4 Mortgages provides a 5-star service.

Look 4 Mortgages guiding principles are:

Right Mortgage Deal For Each Client’s Circumstances
with our advice backed up in writing

Every Pound Borrowed Is A Pound Protected
include mortgage insurance in the budget

Always Listen, Understand, Recap, Educate

our L.U.R.E is simple steps to great advice

Right Money, Right Hands

protecting everything, income, mortgage, life, family

Our Triple-A Service

Advice, Application, Admin, so the client doesn’t have to

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.